Miguel Lukban - 1938




1919-1922 - Camarines Norte - Governor

1931-1933 - Camarines Norte Representative - 9th Philippine Legislature

1934-1937 - Camarines Norte - Governor



Miguel Lukban y Martinez, was born in Daet , Camarines Norte on September 29, 1880. He is the child of Don Agustin Lukban and his second wife Ruperta Agustin Martinez, and half-brother to Vicente, Justo, Cayetano, Rafaela and Concepcion.

He had a very illustrious academic history, obtaining his Degree in Pharmacy from Manila College of Pharmacy, then his Degree in Medicine from University of the Philippines and topped it off with an Engineering Degree from the University of California at Berkeley (1902-1903).

During the Philippine Revolution against the Americans, he was instrumental in helping his brother, Gen. Vicente Lukban, in gathering arms and men for the impending invasion of the Bicol Region in 1899.

After the Revolution, he became a resident physician at St. Paul's Hospital and Manila Railroad Company. He opened a  private practice in Tayabas and eventually in Camarines Norte.

His politcal career started in 1920, becoming the first Governor of Camarines Norte formerly Ambos Camarines.  In 1931, he was selected as Representative of Camarines Norte to the 9th Philippine Legislature. In 1934, he served as Governor of Camarines Norte for the second time.




 Miguel Lukban - 1938 at Annual Governors Convention

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