Family Monuments - A Tribute to the Lukban Family

 Justo Lukban Street in Daet, Camarines Norte

Gen. Vicente Lukban Presentation Sword



 Gen. Vicente Lukban Stamp

 Jose Lukban - 1945 - WWII - Silver Star Recipient G.O. #184 for Gallantry

"The Trece of Abril Cry" Daet, Camarines Norte

Martyrs and Patriots of Camarines Norte marking Katipunan Uprising of 1898. Vicente Lukban is noted as one of the participants

Justo Lukban Elementary School in Manila

Camp Lukban - Headquarters of the 8th Infantry Division Philippine Army "Storm Troopers"  Catbalogan, Samar

Gen. Vicente Lukban Bust in the Capital Building in Daet, Camarines Norte


 NBI - Jose G. Lukban Award for Top Agent

Banner for Gen. Vicente Lukban 142nd Birthday Celebration by the Town of Labo


Battle Flag of Gen Guerrero who succeded Gen. Lukban after his capture in Samar. Gen. Guerrero's Flags is in display in West Point Academy where as Gen. Lukban is in the possesion of Atty. Mediola's private collection in Samar. Gen. Lukban's flag is the same in design as Gen. Guerrero's flag 

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