Agustin Lukban

 Agustin Lukban - 8th Philippine Legislature Congressional Representative Certificate


Children of Agustin Lukban, 1937: L to R; Vicente, Inez, Felix, Alejandro, Mercedes and Cayetano





1928-1931 - Camarines Norte Representative - 8th Philippine Legislature

Judge First Instance - Camarines Norte

Agustin Lukban was born in Labo, Camarines Norte on January 26, 1892. He is the second of four children (Cecilia, Agustin, Felix and Vicente Jr.) of Gen. Vicente Lukban and 1st wife Sophia Barba.

He and his siblings joined their father in exile in Hong Kong in 1898. At the height of Gen. Vicente’s Revolutionary career, Agustin and his siblings were left under the care of their Aunts, Rafaela and Concepcion, in Hong Kong thru 1901 were they studied in the English Schools.

He studied in Manila and obtained his Law Degree from Escuela de Derecho de Manila which became Manila Law School in 1924. On September 30, 1918, he received his official license to practice law and was entered on the Roll of Attorneys. He was a notable trial lawyer able to litigate in English, Tagalog and Spanish. He opened a Law Practice in Daet, Camarines Norte with his cousin, Atty. Filomeno Racelis.

In 1928, he ran for Congress and Represented Camarines Norte in the 8th Philippine Legislature thru 1931. He made such an impact with the Nationalista Party that he was being groomed to be Speaker of the House in the upcoming Election. Unfortunately, he was not re-elected  thus ending his political career.

He went back into private practice with his cousin, representing as legal counselor for notable firms such as ALATCO (Bicol Region Wide Transportation Company), and Philippine Irons Mines (a subsidiary of Atlantic Gulf and Pacific) among others. He was a very sought after mining lawyer in the 1930’s during the Philippine Gold Rush. During WWII, he hid a large sum of AG&P money from the Japanese without the knowledge of AG&P. After the cessesion of the War, he returned the money back to AG&P to restart rebuilding both the company and the country.

He became judge of First Instance in the Camarines Norte Area in ( )

He died in September 22, 1951 at a young age of 59 and rests peacefully next to his wife Cecilia De Jesus Lukban in Daet, Camarines Norte. He fathered six children; Mercedes, Vicente, Ines, Cayetano, Felix and Alejandro. He adopted a daughter, Grace, after World War II.

Profile outlined by Alejandro Lukban 


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